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Concrete Cleaner - Clean up your concrete the easy way!

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The Best Concrete Cleaners on the Market.

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Concrete Floor

This product used for concrete prep-cleaning before coating. This chemical will micro-etch the surface area for better coating adhesion.

stain remover


Designed to remove excess contamination from the concrete surface. Oil & grease, rust stains and etc.


Concrete Paint

This formulation will remove all types of paint and coatings from concrete floors. Epoxies , polyurethanes, enamels etc.

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Pressure Washer Cement Cleaner

This product is used for the removal of concrete in many industries. Typically, by equipment rental companies for mixers, concrete forms, tools and etc.

cement truck

Concrete Truck

This product will quickly remove the concrete from both the interior and exterior of cement trucks.

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Cement Form & Tool

This product will quickly remove the concrete from cement forms, tools
and equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

The best concrete cleaner we recommend to you is the concrete degreaser. The chemicals in this degreaser will micro-etch the surface for improved coating adhesion. It is a semi-aqueous organic compound used as an industrial concrete cleaner.

If you have not cleaned your patio for a while, the best way to clean it would be to use a concrete floor cleaner to remove the stains. Don’t use tools like a wire brush as that might permanently scratch your concrete floor.

Try our concrete cleaner for a pressure washer that can clear concrete grease quickly and be reused for stains that persist after the first wash.

You can, but trying our concrete cleaning solution would give better results. It is perfected for all types of concrete floor stains and filth, such as mildew, mold, residues, dirt, and grime.

Cleaning unsealed concrete is easy. Sprinkle cat litter on greasy spots on your floor, and sweep away all debris with a broom. Then sprinkle powdered dishwasher detergent on the stain. Soak the stain with boiling water. Then rinse with a mixture of hot water and our cleaner for concrete, the N-Terpinal Concrete Degreaser. Mop the floor with your cleaning solution, and then rinse a second time to remove the solution too.

We have a chemical paint remover for concrete which works like a charm on cleaning floors. It has been engineered to remove heavy paint and ink deposits from production floors in manufacturing concerns.