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Degreaser Cleaners

Leaders in solvent replacement Technology
spray degreasing

Degreaser Spray

This degreaser can be sprayed directly to parts to remove oil & grease. The NTD-Degreaser is a quick and easy method for degreasing applications.

aluminum degreaser

Metal Degreaser

Designed for automotive engine reconditioning applications. Used in heated part washing systems, immersion tanks and ultrasonic units.

metal degreasing

Aluminum Degreaser

This formulation has been designed for aluminum substrates. For the removal of heavy oil & grease. Used in a heated immersion tank.


WSI Industries’ non-hazardous degreaser spray is the best to remove corrosion and grease quickly. Just apply it to your engine generously, let it soak, and spray a second coat if needed.

Solvent-based degreaser sprays tend to irritate some people by triggering allergic reactions. We recommend the solvent replacement degreaser spray for your car engine, as it works best on aluminum and metal substrates. You should clean your car engine with a non-metallic bristle brush to help remove the grime and grease Smoothly.

Yes, you should. You need a clean surface to do a good paint job; otherwise, you won’t get the perfect finish. Use the metal degreaser before painting a surface, especially if you will use a spray gun to do the paint job. But don’t make the mistake of using it on a painted surface!

You need to know the strength of the metal degreaser and the particular substrate it is supposed to clean. Some chemicals are safe to use on a painted surface. In contrast, others are not due to the solvent chemicals included in their composition.

Try the N-Terpinal aluminum degreaser. It effectively removes petrol contaminants from ultrasonic units, parts washing systems, and heated soak tanks.

That depends on the nature of the substrate you need to use it on. Aluminum parts and equipment typically get petroleum residues as part of the grime that contaminates it. A heavy-duty aluminum degreaser solution with a higher concentration of water-soluble solvent chemicals would do the job. Remember, though, that it is more basic due to its pH.