Removing paint stains from any hard surface is undoubtedly the most challenging task. But there’s a solution finally! It takes some particular solvent chemicals to remove paint from hard surfaces.

Though paint stripper is the best chemical itself, it takes a few other strong chemicals to break the adhesion of stubborn paint stains from numerous surfaces. Here we’re going to list three different surfaces from which you can remove the paint using different paint strippers or other chemicals.

Types of Surfaces to Remove Metal Paint Using Paint Strippers

Paint on metal usually gets dry with time, and it can be removed by one of three processes:

  • Heat
  • Chemical
  • Sanding

However, Ammonia and Acetone are the two widely used chemicals to remove paint from the metal surface. Sanding is another convenient solution, but for other options, if you’re working on a small or delicate piece. If you consider using chemical strippers on metal, it’s usually available in liquid, aerosol, or paste form.


To remove dried paint from the carpet, apply hot water with small dish soap. Let it soak for a few minutes; this will soften the paint. Once it gets completely soft, pick away the paint with the help of a knife or scrapper. You can add more solutions if required.

If this doesn’t work, then use Turpentine. It works best to clean paint from the carpet; and this solvent breaks dried paint from the carpet fibers, and Turpentine removes all paint from the carpet.


Paint strippers are always best for removing paint from wood. We can say it is a solvent chemical as it works by softening the old finish of the paint so that it can be removed easily.

 Paint strippers are available as a liquid, gel, or paste and are pretty effective at removing paint from the wood used in large projects, curved shapes, and fine details.

Since wood is highly flammable, thus one needs to be extra careful. Keep the tool at distances of inches from the desired area until the paint begins to blister. If you see any sign of smoke, then stop immediately. Next, remove old paint with a paint scraper and wipe the surface clean.

What Chemical will remove paint & what is the fastest way to remove metal paint?

Following are the types of chemicals that are best for removing paint from any surface;

Solvent-Based Paint Stripper

The solvent-based paint removers work by breaking the bond between paint and object. The effective ingredients inside the chemical work by swelling the paint and weakening the paint’s bond to the surface.

Historically, the solvent-based paint strippers used to contain a chemical called methylene chloride, which is now restricted to workshops only. You’ll need to give proof before purchasing any paint strippers with methylene chloride.

Caustic Based Paint Stripper

The Caustic paint removers work a bit differently as the ingredients work, breaking down the chemicals in the paint. This chemical contains a high pH level, and the active ingredient is sodium hydroxide, and it reacts to the oily ingredients with the paint and starts breaking it down.

Caustic-based paint strippers attract moisture because of dampness. Whereas, Caustic alkalis can damage the cellulosic fibers of wood, for example, causing permanent damage. Never use a caustic paint stripper on hardwoods to turn the wood black.

Let me suggest another best solution, the N- terminal products. This category of paint solvent chemicals is best to use for such purposes. At Solvent Replacement, you can expect to get the best quality chemicals that will instantly remove paint from wood, metal, and other surfaces.

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