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Inks, Resins, Glue Removal

Leaders in solvent replacement Technology

Inks, Resins, Glue Removal


Press Cleaning

For a more consistent and efficient cleaning solution for parts that are integral for the painting, printing, graphic, and finishing services. Designed for grippers, rollers & drums, Ink trays, gears and deck guides side walls, feeders, etc.

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Roller Cleaning

An excellent product to wash rollers and blankets. This chemical contains a unique blend of solvents and surfactants that dissolves ink quickly and removes hardened residual excess contamination.

screen cleaning

Screen Cleaning

Formulated to effectively dissolve and remove printing inks from screen printing mesh. Designed to dissolve and remove virtually every type of ink and minimize any remaining stains in printing mesh.

Adhesives Glues

Adhesives & Glues

Designed to remove tacky, dried, Polyurethanes are polymer-based adhesives and two part Epoxy systems. Used for cleaning filling equipment, mixing vats, tools, etc.

Resin Gelcoat

Resin - Gelcoat

This product will quickly remove Polyester Resin on contact. Used for cleaning production molds, tools and equipment. The resin will separate, allowing it's reuse.

mastic removal

Mastic Removal

N-Terpinal will remove all types of mastic.. Applied to directly to the tile, will assist with the removal of the tile. Afterword's, re-apply to remove the mastic with a floor scrubbing machine.