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Quality Non-Corrosive Cleanersat WSI Industries

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Non-corrosive chemicals are essential for the safety of your workplace. They serve as a means of reducing health hazards related to harsh substances in the process. These chemicals are applied to work surfaces or equipment, which can otherwise cause corrosion or result in other chemical reactions.

Non-corrosive cleaners are those substances that do not corrode or destroy other metals. One of the best examples of a non-corrosive chemical is Nitric acid. Nitric acid is a strong nitrating agent and oxidizing agent which can dissolve many metals, especially copper and zinc alloys.

The purposes of non-corrosive chemicals are to produce a chemical reaction without the materials receiving any damage. In most cases, there is no change in the composition of the raw material. Many different types of corrosive chemicals exist as well as many different types of non-corrosive chemicals. The common goal for these specific chemicals is to produce a chemical reaction that will have the desired effect without damaging the product or service.

WSI Industries offers high-quality, non-corrosive solvents at reasonable prices for your homes, offices, or industries.

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