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Coating & Paint Removal Products

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Paint and coating removalaCoating & Paint Removal Products

epoxy coating

Epoxy Coatings

N-Terpinal is an excellent product for releasing paint & coatings. The N-Terpinal NTB-100 is offered in a liquid or gel formulation for vertical surfaces.

graffti removal

Graffiti Removal

N-Terpinal NTB-100 can remove graffiti, permanent marker, spray paint, enamel paint, epoxies, urethanes tape residue, and decals



Polyurethane coatings discolor and fade over time. For pavers around pools, decorative stone, brick work, concrete. Will not damage the stain or dye.

iso polyurea

ISO Polyurea

N-Terpinal NTB-100 delaminates two part ISO Polyurea Coatings. Used at ambient temperatures, spray gun parts and hose & fittings are soaked in the chemical solution.


Paint Floor Stripping

Multiple layers of dried paint & coatings can be removed from production floors. Also, paint booths, Fork lift tire marks, Mastic, adhesives, printing & UV Ink and etc

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Tank Cleaning

N-Terpinal has been used to remove the contamination from various tanks. Such as, portable shipping tanks, mix vats, storage tanks with related valves and fittings.


If you want paint removal products, try looking at the range at Solvent Replacement. We would recommend the floor paint stripper which removes multiple layers of paint from production floors.
Our N-Terpinal floor paint stripper is the best thing to strip paint off wood. It does not contain harsh chemicals such as Methylene Chloride. It is tried and tested product to remove built up paint and aid coating removal from filling equipment, paint booths, and manufacturing production floors
Try the concrete coating removal by WSI Industries. It works as polyurethane remover on concrete surface, and releases the coating from the substrate in a solidified form. This prevents the work space from getting re-contaminated.
The epoxy remover by WSI Industries works best in removing epoxy paint. It effectively removes fusion bonded epoxy, two-part epoxies, and epoxy resins. It is non-hazardous and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as Methylene Chloride.
WSI Industries’ Graffiti Remover is perfect for removing contaminants from vertical surfaces. Spray it on and let it soak for the amount of time recommended on the label. Then rinse off with lukewarm water
The Polyurethane remover by WSI Industries works great on stripping off coatings from concrete, brick, and pavers. It de-laminates the coating, effectively detaching it from the substrate in a solid form that doesn’t re-contaminate the work space.
You can waterproof both the surfaces and joints of several concrete structures with polyurea coating. It has been done successfully on flooring, slurry pits, water tanks, tunnels, reservoirs, parking garages, and pedestrian decks already.
The tank cleaner by WSI Industries works great at cleaning tanks. You can remove ISO-Polyurea, Automotive Adhesives, Polyester Resins, Polyurethanes, Epoxies, and Coatings & Paint with it. It is used to clean IBC containers, steel portable shipping tanks, storage tanks, and cleaning production mixing vats.