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Highest Rated Polyester Strippers at WSI Industries LLC

Textile Chemicals

The polyester coating is an alternative to liquid coating or paint that leaves a hard and corrosion-free finish. It is mainly used for kitchen cabinets, doors, panels, room shelves, takes, and other furniture for a shiny and long-lasting finish. The material or surface that the polyester coating is applied to brings a better value for money.

In the long run, however, the coating starts to peel off from certain places and exposes the surface underneath that gathers dust and degradation. Our high-quality polyester strippers effectively remove the previous layer and make it suitable for reapplication.

WSI Industries LLC strippers are 100% environmentally friendly and pose no threat to human health in any way. You can browse our store and get yourself the best stripper material that guarantees results without damaging the fabric. 

You can find the product on the WSI Industries LLC website and order it with other equipment for the desired removal.

Contact us now on our toll-free number or email us at for more information about the product.