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Premium Powder Coating Stripping Product Not Enough

When you try to strip powder coating from a part, the result is not expected.

If the result is not what you wanted, it is best to remove the powder coating before trying again. There are several ways to remove powder coatings, such as burn-off oven, media blasting, or a chemical powder coating stripper.

By far, the easiest way to remove powder coating is by using chemicals and stripping chemical products derived by N-Terpinal are the ones you should consider. Our powder coating stripper easily removes in little time and is excellent for removing every type of coatings and paint.

To remove the coating, you only have to dip the part in the chemical and wait for a few minutes. In 5-20 minutes, you will see the powder coating falling off. After that, you can rinse it with water to remove the chemical residue and it can also be use as pre treatment chemical.

Remember to use gloves and eye protection as the powder coating stripping chemical may have an allergic reaction on the skin. Always practice safety precautions in handling any of the substances.

You can find the product on the WSI Industries LLC website and order it with other equipment for the desired removal. 

You can find the product on the WSI Industries LLC
website and order it with other equipment
for the desired removal.

Contact us now on our toll-free number or email us at for more information about the product.