NT – De-Scaler (Acid Wash Concrete Floor Cleaner)

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Synthetic acid based chemical, designed  to remove all types of excess contamination from concrete floors and micro Рetch concrete surface for coating or sealing adhesion applications. N-Terpinal chemicals are semi aqueous organic compounds designed for many industrial cleaning and stripping applications. The N-Terpinal products line contains no Methylene Chloride or harsh chemicals. Will ship non-hazardous , non-flammable and non hazmat.

Spray directly on to the concrete, allow to react for 5 to 15 minutes. Use a pressure washer to remove the contamination.

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One Gallon, Five Gallon


We offer you the best concrete floor cleaner, ideal for preparing your concrete floor for degreasing. It easily removes all types of contamination from your concrete floors.

If your stain is mild, you can try removing it with a soft scrub and warm water to loosen it up. But if it is stubborn, you may need a degreaser such as the stained concrete floor cleaner. The synthetic acid in this compound removes stains that persist.

You can use baking soda mixed in warm water for minor stains. However, if you are washing your garage after a long time, use our concrete garage floor cleaner. Spray it on the floor and let it sit for around 15 minutes. Then rinse off with a pressure washer to remove contaminants.

Try our concrete floor cleaner. It is one of the best commercial concrete cleaning liquids. It will effectively clean your concrete flooring to remove all contamination from it. You can then proceed with degreasing.

The concrete floor cleaner we make is great in industrial applications. It is used to clean off the stubborn stains on industrial floors with mainly oil and grime, the most hard-to-remove residues.