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N-Terpinal NTF – 90 (Heated – Powder Coat Stripper)

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N-Terpinal NTF – 90 (Heated – Powder Coat Stripper) is a stripper, that is designed to be heated, for the removal of Powder Coatings, Electro-Coatings, Epoxies and etc. N-Terpinal chemicals are semi aqueous organic compounds designed for many industrial cleaning and stripping applications. The N-Terpinal products line contains no Methylene Chloride or harsh chemicals. Will ship non-hazardous , non-flammable and non hazmat.

NTF-90 is a heated stripper for the removal of Powder Coatings, Electro-Coatings, Epoxies and etc. Heated from 125 to 175 degrees F.

Experience the Power of N-Terpinal NTF-90 Heated Coating Stripper

The N-Terpinal NTF-90, the heated coating stripper, is revolutionizing how industries handle the removal of tough coatings. Designed specifically for high-efficiency operations, this product promises not only performance but also adherence to environmental and safety standards.

Key Benefits and Applications

Versatility Across Industries

From automotive to aerospace, the N-Terpinal NTF-90 serves a broad range of industries where coating removal is essential. Its ability to effectively strip away old layers prepares surfaces impeccably for subsequent treatments or new coatings.

Environmental Impact and Reusability

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the biodegradable nature of N-Terpinal NTF-90. It not only reduces waste disposal challenges but also supports filtering and reusing, which minimizes environmental footprint and operational costs.

Innovative Features of N-Terpinal NTF-90

The N-Terpinal NTF-90 stands out in the market for its innovative features that address both the efficacy and safety of the coating stripping process. Let’s delve deeper into these advanced technologies that make NTF-90 a leader in its class.

High-Performance Stripping Action

The N-Terpinal NTF-90 uses a potent semi-aqueous organic formulation that activates at temperatures ranging from 125 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, targeting powder coatings, electro-coatings, and epoxies. This heat activation ensures that even the most resilient coatings are dissolved without harming the underlying material.

Safe and Sustainable

Safety and sustainability are at the core of the N-Terpinal brand. The NTF-90 contains no methylene chloride, is non-flammable, and does not fall under hazardous materials, making it a safer choice for both the workplace and the environment.

Advanced Stripping Technology

Optimized for Heat Efficiency

The N-Terpinal NTF-90 is meticulously engineered to operate within a specific heat range, from 125 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. This controlled heat application is critical as it maximizes the stripping agent’s efficacy, ensuring that even the toughest coatings are removed efficiently and thoroughly. By optimizing the temperature, the NTF-90 reduces the time required for the stripping process, minimizing downtime.

Enhanced Penetration and Dissolution

This heated coating stripper excels in penetrating and dissolving layers of powder coatings, electro-coatings, and epoxies that are often found in industrial machinery and automotive parts. The heat aids in breaking down the molecular bonds of these coatings, making it easier to remove them completely without multiple applications. This feature is particularly beneficial for operations where time and precision are critical.

Compatibility and Safety

Broad Material Compatibility

The formulation of N-Terpinal NTF-90 takes into account the diverse materials used in industrial components. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive materials, including both ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum and copper), as well as certain plastics.

Non-Hazardous and Safe for Regular Use

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, and the N-Terpinal NTF-90 meets the highest safety standards. Its non-hazardous classification means it does not contain methylene chloride or other harsh chemicals that pose health risks, such as respiratory issues or skin irritation. This makes NTF-90 an ideal choice for workplaces committed to maintaining a safe environment for their employees.

Environmental Considerations and Compliance

In today’s environmentally conscious market, N-Terpinal NTF-90 also stands out for its commitment to sustainability. Being biodegradable significantly reduces the potential environmental impact associated with the disposal of used chemicals.

Putting It All Together: Why to Choose N-Terpinal NTF-90?

Choosing the N-Terpinal NTF-90 as your go-to coating stripper ensures not only efficiency and effectiveness but also contributes to a safer, greener planet. Its advanced formulation is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial applications, providing a reliable solution for your stripping needs.

Transform Your Coating Removal Process Today!

Don’t let outdated or inefficient coating removal techniques hold back your operations. Switch to N-Terpinal NTF-90 and experience the difference in speed, safety, and sustainability. Ready to elevate your stripping process with our cutting-edge coating stripper? Place your order now. Transform your approach to coating removal with N-Terpinal NTF-90 and step into a new era of industrial efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Embrace the Future of Stripping Technology—Order N-Terpinal NTF-90 Today!


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