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N-Terpinal NTB-100 Polyurea Coating

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    N-Terpinal NTB-100 Polyurea Coating chemicals are semi aqueous organic compounds designed for many industrial cleaning and stripping applications. The N-Terpinal products line contains no Methylene Chloride or harsh chemicals. Will ship non-hazardous , non-flammable and non hazmat.

    NTB-100 has been proven to remove two part ISO Polyurea, from coating equipment, hoses and fittings, spray guns, pumps and etc.


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    One Gallon, Five Gallon


    Polyurea is a kind of elastomer that is used as an initial coat or as a protective maintenance coat, due to its tensile strength, elongation, impact resistance, and rapid-curing quality. It has a molecular chain structure, being an elastomer having a very high durability.
    Yes. By design, polyurea coating is used to waterproof concrete surfaces and joints. This method has been used on several floors, slurry pits, water tanks, tunnels, reservoirs, parking garages, and pedestrian decks.
    A polyurea coating is not toxic. The WSI Industries polyurea coating does not release any toxic fumes. Being a semi-aqueous organic compound, it does not contain harsh chemicals such as Methylene Chloride. So it is safe for use.

    You can easily apply polyurea coating. Remove contaminants from the surface, repair joints and cracks, apply the polyurea coating by WSI Industries, roll the bed layer, and apply a final coat.


    It is a waterproofing solution for the long term. Polyurea coating for rooftops solves low-slope roof or flat roof problems. It can sustain heavy foot traffic and protect against future damage from storms, if you know how to apply it right.
    The WSI Industries’ polyurea spray can be applied directly to the substrate in some cases. In others, you may need a primer. It cures both plastic and liquid coating, which is waterproof, resists chemical submersion, and is flexible.
    You can waterproof both the surfaces and joints of several concrete structures with polyurea coating. It has been done successfully on flooring, slurry pits, water tanks, tunnels, reservoirs, parking garages, and pedestrian decks already.
    Yes, polyurea spray coating by WSI Industries is waterproof. You can protect concrete joints and surfaces by applying one or two coats of the spray on them.