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Best TGIC Strippers Available at WSI Industries LLC


TGIC is a high-quality powder coating material that acts as a curing agent and is usually blended with pigments and polymers during the manufacturing process. It provides a polyester-based powder coating for heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, playground equipment, and recreational goods.

However, the coating starts to wear out and gives rise to potential rusting on the parts applied. You have to remove the former layer to use a new one, and for that, we offer you our high-quality TGIC removers.

All these chemicals have a 100% guaranteed success rate and perform the work as intended. We utilize environmentally friendly materials in making these chemicals, and they are safe for human use. Feel free to browse through and make your selection accordingly.

You can find the product on the WSI Industries LLC website and order it with other equipment for the desired removal.

Contact us now on our toll-free number or email us at for more information about the product.