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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solvent

Leaders in solvent replacement Technology
parts solvent

Automotive Parts Solvent

Designed for automotive reconditioning applications. For Carbon, Rust, Paint, varnish, resin, oil & grease.

spray degreasing

Heavy Duty Degreaser

The formulation has been specifically designed for the removal of heavy oil & grease.

rust remover

Rust & Scale Remover

synthetic acid with surfactant base green chemical agent for the safe removal of rust and scale from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Paint & Coating Remover

This solvent removes all types of paints, coatings, varnish, powder coating, e-coating etc.


Spray - Gun Cleaner

Designed to remove any type of contamination, paint & coatings, adhesives, ISO-ployurea, urethanes, etc.

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Rust Inhibitor

water-based rust inhibitor and sealant for iron, steel, and aluminum designed to protect parts from corrosion after the cleaning process.