Wooden furniture makes a perfect addition to any bedroom or other home furniture, but what to do when the paint becomes hard to remove? For this, you need the best quality paint stripper. Often people confuse paint stripper with paint remover, assuming both are same. No, they’re not!

The paint stripper is specifically designed to remove paint from surfaces, while paint remover comes handy to remove other materials like; oil and grease. Whether or not paint remover can be used on a wood deck depends on the ingredients in the remover.

When it comes to removing paint from wooden furniture, it’s a tricky task that needs an efficient hand to quickly. For your assistance, we’ve shared an easy guide below to help you learn the process without any confusion.

How to Remove Paint from Wooden Furniture?

  • The procedure begins with determining the type of paint required for furniture. If the paint is latex or acrylic, you can remove it with a heat gun or hairdryer. Simply heat up the paint until it begins to bubble, and then use a scraper or brush to remove it. Make sure not to overheat the paint, as this can damage the wood.
  • If you’re using oil-based paint, you’ll need to use a chemical stripper. Start with removing any loose or flaking paint with a scraper.
  • Now, apply the stripper to the furniture with a brush and let it sit for several minutes. Use brush or scraper to remove stripper and paint.
  • Once you remove all paint, sand the furniture to remove any residual paint or stripper. Start with coarse-grit sandpaper and work your way up to a finer grit. Once you’ve sanded the furniture, you’re ready to finish it however you like!


What is the Best Paint Stripper for Wood Steps?

The best paint stripper, either for wooden furniture or wood steps, depends on the type of paint being removed. Some paint strippers are designed to remove latex paint, while others remove oil-based paint.

Always read the label of the paint stripper to make sure that it is designed to remove the type of paint that is on the surface and needs to get removed. If you are unsure about using a suitable paint stripper, you can consult Solvent Replacement for convenient guidance.

Our dedicated representative will not only guide you well about the best paint stripper for wood steps and wooden furniture but will also suggest to you the best texture to choose for the required surface. Also, we’ll recommend a product that will remove the paint without damaging the surface underneath as all paint strippers are not necessarily safe to use for wood.

Some products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the wood. Always read the product’s label before using it to make sure that it is safe for the surface that you are trying to strip.

As far as choosing the best paint remover for the wood deck is concerned, so here are two main things to consider;

  • Some paint removers contain harsh chemicals that can damage the wood, while others are made with more gentle ingredients.
  • To get the best paint remover for a wood deck, read the label to make sure it is safe for use on wood.

Using paint strippers/removers to peel off hard paint coating from wood surfaces might sound regular task, but it takes a lot of safety precautions and criteria to choose the type of paint. Always follow the instructions, even if you own all the essential requirements.

 At Solvent Replacement, we provide durable and quality paint strippers. They’re affordable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Contact us today.

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